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Core Competencies:

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

ISOMAX footing Insulation System

Waterproofing Systems

Weather-Resistive System


Specializing In Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

What is ICF?

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) consist of two panels of Expanded Polystyrene foam with a thick concrete core inside. Providing you with extreme strength and durability these forms offer a variety of benefits.

R-Value of 24 with thermal mass properties of up to R-50.  With 50% lower energy use maximizes energy efficiency then what is in conventional construction methods.

Designed to withstand 402kph (250mph) of winds for some of Mother Nature's worst impacts.

Compared to traditional buildings you get greater durability and requires less maintenance and repairs over its lifetime.

No cavity walls for mildew, bugs, mold or rodents.

Reduces drafts and cold spots and acts as a sound barrier. 

Horizon Foundation Finishing System


Three Part Barrie System:
1. Waterproofing
From footings to sill, Tuff-N-Dri waterproofing membrane creates a seamless barrier to moisture.
2. Panelization
This design-engineered insulation fiberglass panel board, Horizon ThermoPanel is placed on top of the water proofing membrane. Helping to prevent condensation on interior above-grade foundation wall, with insulation values of R5 and R10 there is no need for interior foundation insulation. 

3. Coating
Compleating system with Horizion Coat which comes in a neutral gray color that is available in either matte or course finish. Horizion Coat is a durable, UV-resistant, spray-applied exterior finish with an extra layer of waterproofing.


Delivering a more effective, permanent and complete weather-resistant barrier than traditional house wrap products. 
Protecting walls from moisture from snow, sleet or rain and also reduces condensation in interior wall cavities that could lead to mold and mildew.

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